Introducing SYS6

SYS6 is our proven Sales Coaching program to get you and your staf converting more sales calls. This package is combination of sales training and mentoring with private coaching and ongoing accountability. SYS6 will up-skill you in sales to convert more frequently, injecting cash-flow into the business and build your momentum to gain confidence, resilience and on your way to exceeding your targets. 


Together, we set your targets and teach you to sell authentically, troubleshooting and problem solving as we go in a supportive environment.


Using just these tools, you will be able to connect and qualify your prospect quickly, making the best use of your most limited resource - time. 


Through SYS6, you:

  • enhance your self-awareness and ability to have converting sales conversations;

  • have the ability to set the tone for your conversations; and

  • discover what’s important to you and your prospect.

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