About Us

We know that work transitions can be difficult to navigate. That's why we work closely with our clients to develop their capabilities through coaching and training to deal with the new challenges that change can bring. The result for our clients include increased productivity, clearer communication and improved ROI.

Our Vision

To improve the lives of people at work.

Our Mission

We provide upskilling and development tools for employees and business owners, through private coaching and team training. These tools enhance self-awareness, communication and interpersonal relationships, and break down barriers preventing progression. By addressing these key areas, our clients experience enhanced performance in both their work and sales results and increased fulfilment within their personal lives and business. 

Our Values

  • Trust – because the bottom line of business is relationships

  • Respect – because at the end of the day, we’re all human beings doing the best we can

  • Growth – because without growth we stagnate and become disengaged

  • Honesty – because mind-reading is not an acquirable skill

  • Integrity – because we do what we say we’re going to do


“We believe employees genuinely want to be a part of thriving teams and experience great organisational culture. People require growth, want ownership in their role and to contribute to something bigger than themselves and what they could ultimately achieve as an individual. To make this happen, strong and aligned leadership is imperative. That’s why the clients of Excel Leadership Australia are driven to make lasting, transformational change and to lead better.” 

Rhiannon Bush, ELA Leadership Coach | Trainer

About Rhiannon

Rhiannon Bush is a certified leadership coach and trainer, who specialises in developing managers into effective leaders.


Her personal style is warm, authentic, energetic and reflective.  Rhiannon values the importance of creating a safe and confidential space for clients to explore and expand their potential.

Rhiannon has a comprehensive background in management consulting with both small-to-medium enterprises and multi-national organisations. This experience gained across public and private sectors both nationally and internationally enables Rhiannon to bring the combination of knowledge and experience to her clients. Rhiannon focuses on developing deep and purposeful change for individuals at any level to expand their leadership potential.

Rhiannon found that it was often misaligned expectations that hinders overall performance. Rhiannon is passionate about improving the direct impact this has upon communication, interpersonal relationships and individual, team and organisation-wide productivity


  • BBA, Macquarie University

  • Master Practitioner of Leadership & Executive Coaching

  • Extended DISC® Behavioural Profiling Consultant

  • Timeline Therapies®

  • Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Firewalker

  • PCI® Change Practitioner

About Damien

Damien Ryan is a certified mindset coach and trainer, who specialises in thought and emotion based transformations. Damien works with clients to ultimately improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their actions, to achieve massive results.


He is inspired by passion and progress, both in himself and in his clients. Damien thrives by helping clients stretch the limits of their possibility and explore their new-found potential that his coaching brings.


Damien first started his coaching career in health and fitness and quickly became one of the leading health mindset specialists in his field, working with clients both locally and internationally. Damien transformed his clients both physically and mentally, using a combination of emotion based coaching and high-level performance training. He now uses these same techniques to inspire and develop teams and individuals in business leadership.


Damien is extremely passionate about exploring human potential by enhancing the thoughts and emotions of any individual, in order to produce exponential results in their career and their lives.


  • Practitioner of Life Coaching

  • Practitioner of NLP

  • Level 3 Meta Dynamics™ Coach

  • AIPT Master Trainer and Facilitator

  • Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Firewalker

  • Dr John Demartini The Breakthrough Experience

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